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Oh, hi, there you are! We were hoping you'd find us here...and you did. This is our blog. The place where the writing ogre will post things. What will you find here? Well, pretty much everything. There will be stuff about tech products we use, random thoughts, and stories about projects coming out of the cave. Want to read our thoughts on a particular topic? Send us an email, leave a comment on Facebook, or shoot us a tweet.

Cobblers Without Shoes


Oh yes! We realize there is nothing really new here as of late. Trust us, we are busy writing all kinds of content for our clients and building all kinds of fun, new sites. Good things are coming, and you should start to see all kinds of good advice and random musings in this section in the upcoming weeks. Heck, we may even have some sort of new website for ourselves sometime... maybe. Don't let your site content become stale. Our clients always come first, and we are here to help!

7 Tips for Better Search Engine Ranking


7 Tips for Better Search Engine RankingThere was a time, and you might remember it, when experts stuffed keywords into website content and filled the meta keyword section with pretty much any word that could remotely be connected with the topic or product on the website. Doing this, and other ‘black hat’ things could make a website come up high in Google’s search results. Now…not so much. Here are some things to remember when considering your website’s content as it relates to search engine ranking.

1. The most important thing to have is good content. Writing content for your website and integrating keywords, naturally, into each page will do wonders for letting the spider bots know what’s on your site...

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It’s Web Copy, Not Copy the Web


Copy and Paste (CTRL C CTRL VRichard Aycock’s company, Widget Avenue, was growing and he decided it was time to redo his website. He had heard people talking about SEO, keywords, quality content, site maps and crawlability; he just didn't know what all that stuff meant. What he did know was benchmarking. All the clichés, “work smart, not hard”, “don’t reinvent the wheel”, “the right tool makes the job easy” became cliché because they were so true. Richard figured the best thing he could do would be to search the Internet for other businesses doing the same type of work as his company.

When I search Google for things my business does, this company keeps showing up in the search results, Richard thought. I’ll just copy the stuff on this website and put it on my website. After all, benchmarking is about seeing what the competition is doing well ...

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